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Best plus size dresses for big women

Many women struggle when they're plus size, as they find it difficult to choose plus size dresses that can complement their figures and look stylish and trendy. Every woman's body has strengths, so just because your clothing is plus-sized doesn't mean you have to look plus-sized. With a few practical design rules you will be able to know exactly what shapes and materials to buy clothing in. No matter what the size, a dress can look very different on a hanger than it does on your body.

Now we’ll give you some fashion tips on choosing plus size dresses to help full-figured women to look great!

  • The ideal shape is a dress that tapers at the body's narrowest point--the natural waist--under the bust, and then floats away from the body. A dress length that hits in the knee to upper calf region will also be most flattering, as it makes your legs look longer, elongating and slimming your body as a result.
  • Materials that cling to your frame like polyester are not flattering on a plus size body type. Choose a fabric with enough structure to drape loosely around your figure. Satin, silk or a wool blend are good choices. Avoid clingy fabrics, such as jersey.
Color and Print
  • Color and prints can work well to compliment a fuller figure, if used thoughtfully. Large prints and extremely tiny prints can work against you in accentuating the wrong areas and curves. Horizontal stripes also do not work well. A medium sized pattern, with emphasis at your narrowest point will work best to disguise any problem areas while highlighting your attributes. Vertical pinstripes can also help to streamline and elongate your figure for a flattering effect.
We hope you enjoyed this article and found it useful for choosing your plus size dresses. Good luck!

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